3 Best Caulk For Exterior of House

The best caulking for the exterior of the house is a very important part of the construction of your home, and it is also one of the most difficult parts to do.

The reason why it’s so hard to get right is because you need to make sure that all of the seams are sealed properly. If you don’t seal these joints correctly, moisture can easily enter into the wall and cause rot or mold growth.

This will ruin your walls and floors, which means that you’ll have to spend money on repairs.

To avoid this problem, I’ll discuss in this article three types of caulks that are suitable for the exterior of your house, the pros and cons of each, and one caulk that you should avoid.

GE GE012A All Purpose Silicone 1 Sealant Caulk

This is the first type of caulking that we’ll be discussing today. GE GE012A All Purpose Silicone 1 Sealant Caulk has been explicitly designed for use outside, but it’s great for interior applications as well.

This product contains silicone and water-based polymers, making it flexible enough to fill cracks and gaps without leaving any sticky residue behind.

It dries clear, meaning there won’t be any white marks left behind after the application.

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This makes it perfect for sealing around windows, doors, skylights, etc. It comes with an applicator tip, which allows you to apply it quickly and easily.

In addition, this caulk is resistant to oil-based substances, such as grease, paint, varnish, and other chemicals. However, it may not be waterproof.

Key Specifications the Product

  • Size: 10.0oz
  • Color: Clear
  • Application Type: Exterior
  • Drying Time: 24 hours

Key Features of the Product

  • Non-toxic
  • Resistant to UV rays


  • It’s flexible and leaves no sticky residue behind.
  • Resistant to oil-based substances.
  • The application is easy and quick.


• May not be waterproof

I have included this product in my list because it is suitable for both internal and external uses. It’s made from environmentally friendly materials, so it’s safe to use around children and pets. It doesn’t leave any white marks behind, either.

Sashco Big Stretch Acrylic Latex High-Performance Caulking Sealant, 10.5 oz Cartridge, Clear.

Sashco Big Stretch Acrylate Latex High-Performance Cementitious Caulking Sealant is another excellent choice for exterior caulking. It’s made using acrylic latex polymer, which gives it flexibility and adhesion properties.

It’s also non-yellowing and colorless, so it looks great when applied. It comes with a cartridge, making it easier to use than traditional tubes. It also comes with a nozzle attachment, making it much more convenient to use. You can apply it by hand or with a sprayer.

It’s also resistant to high temperatures, oils, solvents, and many other substances.

Key Specifications the Product

Size: 10.5oz Cartridge
Color: Clear
Application Type: Exterior
Drying Time: 24 hours

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Key Features of the Products

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non Yellowing
  • Comes with a cartridge
  • Can be used by Hand or Sprayer


• Flexible and leaves no white marks behind.
• Resistant to oil-based substances.
• Easy to apply.


• Not Waterproof.

I’ve included this product in my review because it’s a versatile option for both inside and outside applications. It’s flexible and durable, so it’ll last for years, and it’s environmentally friendly, too.

Gorilla 8060002 100% Silicone Sealant, 10 oz, White

Gorilla 8060002 100 Percent Silicone Sealant is one of the best options on our list. It’s ideal for outdoor applications because it’s highly weather-resistant and flexible.

It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, too. It’s non-toxic and odorless, so it’d be great for your kids and pets.

It’s available in various colors, including black, blue, green, orange, red, and yellow. It comes with a dispenser, which makes it easier than applying it manually.

It’s even washable, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning up any messes.

Key Specifications the Products

  • Size: 10oz
  • Color: White
  • Application Type: Exterior & Interior
  • Washable

Key Features of the Product

  • Weather-resistant
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Easily dispensed
  • Washable


  • Highly durable
  • Flexible
  • Safe around kids and pets
  • Available in various colors


• Does not dry fast

This product has been added to my list because it’s an excellent option for both interior and exterior use.

It’s extremely durable and flexible, so it’s perfect for sealing cracks, gaps, and holes.

Lowly Rated Caulk That You Should Avoid : 3M Scotchgard Paint Primer

Water Based Spray Adhesive, 16 oz, BlueThe 3M Scotchgard Paint primer is one of the worst products we tested. It’s costly, and the instructions are confusing.

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The adhesive doesn’t work well, either. It takes forever to dry, and there’s no way to tell if it worked until after it dried. We recommend avoiding this product at all costs.

Key Specifications the product

  • Size: 16oz
  • Color: Blue
  • Application Type: Exterior
  • Instructions: No
  • Dry time: 2 days

What Are The Best Caulks For The Exterior of A House?

So, these are the best three caulks for the exterior of the house;

  1. GE GE012A All Purpose Silicone 1 Sealant Caulk
  2. Sashco BigStretch Acrylic Latex High-Performance Cementsitious Caulking Sealants
  3. Gorilla 8060002 100% Silicone Sealants, 10 oz, White

But if I would pick one out of these three, I would go with the first one. This is the most recommended one as it’s the best quality and the easiest to use.

However, I would avoid the 3M Scotchgard Paint Primer – Water Based Spray Adhesive, 16 oz, Blue because of its low customer reviews.