Can You Caulk On Top of Grout? (Answered)

A grout brings unappealing sight to the shower area. Conducting a minor renovation is one of the things that you as a homeowner will view as a tiring process to do at your cracked and broken grout.

So, can you caulk on top of the grout? Yes, you can caulk on top of grout to transiently solve the water leakage problem up to when you are ready to re-grout that particular part.

Although it is possible, caulking on top of the grout is highly discouraged. As this is just a temporary solution, you will be back at scratch, experiencing the same old leakages after a while.

The best way to remove the cracked or crumbling grout is to replace it with a new and reliable one.

Doing this will overcome the unwanted scenarios of mold growth, pests, and leakages.

It is only advisable to apply caulk on top of caulked or tiled surfaces and not grout.

Caulk application over grout

This process will only help you if you are in a hurry and need the fastest mode to cover up the grout with holes and cracks. It will buy time for you until you re-grout that particular place.

This is a short-term solution, for the caulk won’t guarantee to last long.

After several days or weeks, you will start seeing the caulk peeling and flaking off the surface of the grout.

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That is why it is best to re-grout the place and avoid the same problem after several days.

If you are left with no choice but to apply the caulk over your grout, below is how to go about it.

First of all, get rid of any crumbling or cracked grout out from the surface. The appropriate tool for this activity is using a hand broom or handled vacuum.

It is important to ensure that the surface to be caulked is sparkling clean and free from any dumbness.

Here you will have to take up your caulk over the specific place; you should be certain that all the holes or hairline cracks are fully covered.

Immediately you are done with the caulk application, move your index finger over the newly applied caulk.

In the process, conduct some pressing on the caulk against the surface. For the caulk to have a strong connection, you will have to perform a decisive push into the grout joint.

Lastly, you will have to conduct cleaning, and you can do this with the use of a cloth. Cleaning will inhibit the caulk from drying on the tile surface.

How to handle a grout that has cracked

The only best solution to this problem is re-grouting the particular area and replacing it with new grout. You will be required to have:

• A hand broom
• Grout mix
• Sponge
• Grout removal blade
• Tile grout float
• A three-gallon bucket

So, what are the steps in repairing a cracked grout?

1. Get rid of the old grout

To any grout that contains any cracks, you should remove them. Do this by using the grout removal blade. After removing the unwanted grout, you can sweep them off.

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2. Clean the place

Create your cleaning solution by mixing water and vinegar. Take a piece of cloth and immerse it in the solution.

Using the cloth apply the solution to that part where cracked grouts were removed. Using warm water, clean the area and give it time to dry.

3. Mix grout

You will always be required to mix the grout no matter your bought type. So, if you chose the powdery grout, you would have to pour it inside a bucket that can hold a maximum of two gallons of water.

Followed by adding the recommended water or additive. Mix the grout well by using a paint stick, ensure you have attained the desired mixture before you start wall application.

4. Grout application

Have your float immersed into the mixture, covering the top third of the tool with the grout, straight to the critical area apply the grout in a horizontal sweeping manner.

5. Wipe

Once you are done with the application, get a sponge and wipe the area. This will not give the grout a chance to dry over the tiles or bathtub.

6. Sealer application

Here the type of sealer to be used matters a lot. So, if you go for the grout sealer, have your grout dry for 48-72 hours. After it has dried, take a small paintbrush and apply the sealer to the grout.

But if you are using a spray sealer, hold it at five to eight inches away from your surface to avoid pooling and drips cases.

Caulking On Top of Grout

Yes, you can caulk on top of the grout. You can only provide a short-term solution to leakages and mold growth.

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Despite that, this method is not highly encouraged for its short-term solution.