What To Do When Caulk Cracks?

It is always so frustrating when you have just spent much of your time designing your house maybe through caulking the floor tiles, bathtubs, and molding then it ends up cracking.

So, what should you do when caulk cracks? Having caulk removed and reapplying it with a new one will always be the option but it’s not the only one which we’ll discuss below.

This article will guide you on what to do when your caulk has cracks.

When you are doing regular checks on your tiles either in the bathtub or kitchen, kindly never ignore when you find unsightly gaps around them as they can easily become an eyesore soon.

For instance, if your caulk pulls away from the gaps or cracks and you fail to repair it on time, water will get through the tiles thus making them loose and in the end damaging the whole floor.

However, such conditions can easily be controlled when you understand the reasons why your caulk keeps on cracking all the time.

Getting to know such factors will guide you on how best you can repair your cracked caulk

Below are some of the factors that cause cracks on your caulk:

Use of the wrong/low-quality caulk

The type of caulk used on your tiles matters a lot as it determines the durability of your tiles and the cost required during maintenance.

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Therefore, it is always advisable to go for the best and most recommended caulk any time you visit a caulking store.

Latex caulk is one of the best caulk you can use on your tubs and your kitchen walls. It is readily available, durable, and affordable in the market.

Acrylic latex caulk can be another best option for you, especially if you prefer painting your caulk. It is easy to clean, durable and best for sealing gaps between your tiles as well as creating tight joints during painting.

Silicone caulk is another popular option you can get especially when you visit improved caulking stores. It is made up of silicone alone thus making it more durable especially when cured. The interesting thing about silicone is that it is always flexible thus making it ideal to be used on all surfaces.

Poor Surface Preparations

Having poor surface preparation is another factor that can make your caulk joints crack.

The process of surface preparation is somehow tedious as it needs a lot of concentration making it hard to perform correctly.

However, it is not very much complicated when you follow the procedures below:

Before recaulking a new joint on your bathtub or kitchen tiles, always make sure you have removed the old caulk from the surface for you to get proper adhesion of the new caulk.

Secondly, ensure all the caulked surfaces are clean and dry all the time for you to have good and strong water-tight joints.

Also, ensure you repair all loose tiles before caulking the joints of your shower.

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However, if by chance your tube enclosure is designed in a kit-like shape on the joints, kindly escalate the issue to the professionals.

How to make a nice and strong caulk joint that won’t crack easily

Maybe you have been asking yourself,” is it possible for one to make caulk alone?

The answer is yes. First, you should always learn to be patient. Always take your time when caulking to avoid making sloppy caulks that won’t last for long. Below are so the tips you can use to have a perfect and durable caulk joint.

Tape all your joints- when making your caulk joints always ensure you tape the joints using the painter’s tape.

Also, ensure you leave a 1/8 inch gap on all sides of your caulk seam for you to have a recommended inch gap which is usually ¼. Never compare yourself with professional tile settlers as you may end destroying everything.

Make the tube openings small- when making your caulk joint always ensure you cut the tube openings tip smaller as it helps to control excess caulk from building up in the caulk seam.

Always have plenty of paper towels- the process of making caulk joints requires a lot of cleanliness .your hands should be clean all the time especially when holding the tip of your caulk tube.

Dress the caulk seam-after you have completed the whole length of your caulk’s seam, dress it by dragging your fingertip downwards to give it an attractive finish and all the excess.

What Should I Do When Caulk Cracks?

Silicone caulk can give you long durability on your caulks thus preventing further cracks if you make the joints properly.

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Ensure you use fresh silicone caulk in your joints to add beauty to your shower or bathtub.